How to Turn Up Volume on AirPods on Android

AirPods are for easy connections and great sound. They are popular in the fast world of wireless audio. They have become synonymous with those qualities. Android users embrace these sleek earbuds. Adjusting the volume should be simple and fun. In this guide, we embark on a journey to explain How to Turn Up Volume on AirPods on Android. We explore step by step.

We present the world of wireless earbuds in plain language. It ensures that both tech-savvy fans and newcomers can improve their audio experience. Join us as we cover the simple steps. They will empower you to master the art of making your AirPods louder. When you connect them to your Android device.

Understand the Basics

The world of wireless earbuds is fast-paced. AirPods have become a symbol of convenience and high-quality audio. Android users love these sleek devices. They should find adjusting the volume easy. This guide is comprehensive. We’ll walk through the simple steps. You may be interested in this also: How to Show Battery Percentage on Macbook

They will turn up the volume on AirPods when connected to an Android device. You might be a seasoned tech enthusiast or new to wireless earbuds. Our step-by-step guide is in plain language. Let’s dive into this guide. It will empower you to master the art of improving your AirPods’ sound on your Android.

Step-by-Step Guide For How to Turn Up Volume on AirPods on Android

How to Turn Up Volume on AirPods on Android
  • Connect AirPods to Android Device
  • Open Volume Settings
  • Adjust Media Volume
  • Confirm Volume Increase

Connect AirPods to Android Device

Make sure you pair your AirPods with your Android device. Open the Bluetooth settings on your Android phone or tablet. Find your AirPods in the list of available devices and connect them.

Open Volume Settings

Once you connect your AirPods, open the volume settings on your Android device. You can usually do this by pressing the volume buttons on your device. Or, you can access the volume slider in the notification panel.

Adjust Media Volume

Within the volume settings, you’ll see different sliders for various audio outputs. Locate the one labeled “Media” or “Music” and adjust the slider to increase the volume. This will impact the volume of your AirPods when playing media content.

Confirm Volume Increase

As you adjust the volume on your Android, play media. This applies the changes to your AirPods. You should notice a volume increase. This will let you enjoy your favorite music, podcasts, or videos at a louder level.


Why is the volume on my AirPods low even after adjusting on my Android device?

Low volume issues may be due to restrictions set on your Android device. Check if there are any volume limits or restrictions in the sound settings. Additionally, ensure that your AirPods are clean, as debris can affect sound quality.

Can I control AirPods volume through the AirPods themselves?

As of now, Android devices have limited touch controls for AirPods. You may not be able to adjust AirPods volume. You should rely on the device’s volume settings.

Are there third-party apps to enhance volume control for AirPods on Android?

Yes, some third-party apps on the Google Play Store may have more volume control features. They are for AirPods. Yet, exercise caution and read reviews before downloading, as not all apps may be reliable.

Will adjusting the volume on my Android device affect the call volume on AirPods?

Yes, changes to the volume on your Android will affect the media and call volume on your AirPods. The volume setting on the device applies to various audio outputs.


In conclusion, turning up the volume on your AirPods is simple. But, it’s crucial when connected to an Android device. It lets you enjoy your audio to the fullest. This guide has given you the knowledge to control your Android device’s volume. It will also improve the sound of your AirPods. Master these simple steps. They will ensure your wireless earbuds deliver great audio. So, turn up the volume. Let your AirPods add to your digital journey with crystal-clear and loud sound.

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