Where Is the Mic on iPhone SE

Welcome to the world of iPhones, where simplicity meets sophistication. The iPhone SE is a compact marvel in the Apple lineup. It has grown popular for its strong performance and design. If you own this sleek device, you may have found yourself wondering about its hidden details. Where Is the Mic on iPhone SE. Fear not. We will explore the locations of the microphones on your iPhone SE. This guide is comprehensive and written in straightforward language. It will reveal mic placements and provide tips to improve your audio. So, let’s solve the mystery. It will improve your understanding of this key part of your iPhone SE.

Where is the Mic on iPhone SE?

Where Is the Mic on iPhone SE

Like most smartphones, the iPhone SE has many microphones. They ensure clear audio during calls, recordings, and voice commands. To find the microphones on your iPhone SE, you’ll need to look in specific areas of the device. You may be interested in this also: How to Remove Battery from Apple TV Remote

The iPhone SE is compact and powerful. It is a favorite among users for its performance and simplicity. While using it for various purposes, you might wonder, “Where is the mic on iPhone SE?” In this detailed guide, we’ll explore the mic’s location. This will ensure you understand it. Let’s dive into the specifics and unravel the mystery behind the iPhone SE microphone.

Step by Step Guide For Where Is the Mic on iPhone SE

  • Bottom of the iPhone SE:
  • Rear Microphone:
  • Top of the iPhone SE:
  • Front Microphone:

Bottom of the iPhone SE:

Your iPhone SE has the primary microphone located at the bottom. This microphone plays a crucial role during phone calls and video recordings. Placing it captures your voice and reduces background noise, ensuring crystal-clear communication.

Rear Microphone:

The iPhone SE has another microphone located on its rear side. This microphone comes into action when you’re recording videos using the rear-facing camera. It captures ambient sounds, providing a more immersive audio experience in your videos.

Top of the iPhone SE:

The top part of your iPhone SE houses another microphone. This microphone serves many purposes. It cancels noise during calls. It improves audio when using Siri or other voice-activated features.

Front Microphone:

To make FaceTime calls and take selfies, users use the front-facing camera. It has a dedicated front microphone. This microphone makes your voice clear. It ensures this during video calls and recordings with the front camera.

Optimizing Audio Settings on iPhone SE:

Now that you know the mic locations. Let’s optimize your iPhone SE’s audio settings for better sound.

  • Settings for Calls: To enhance call quality, go to “Settings,” then “Sounds & Haptics.” Adjust the “Phone Noise Cancellation” slider to your preference.
  • Video Recording Settings: When recording videos, ensure you are in a environment. Also, explore the video settings in the camera app. You can use them to set audio recording preferences.
  • Siri and Voice Commands: To make Siri better, go to “Settings” and pick “Siri & Search.” Then, adjust the voice feedback to match your preferences.


Can I clean the microphones on my iPhone SE?

Yes, you can clean the microphone openings using a small, soft brush or compressed air. Avoid using liquids to prevent any damage.

Why does my voice sound muffled during calls?

The muffled sound may result from dirt or debris around the microphone openings. Ensure they are clean, and if the issue persists, consider contacting Apple Support.

Is there a way to test the microphones on my iPhone SE?

Yes, you can test the microphones by recording a video, making a call, or using voice commands. If you notice issues, it’s advisable to seek professional help.

Can I disable noise cancellation during calls?

You can’t disable noise cancellation. But, you can improve call quality by adjusting audio settings. Experiment with different settings to find the best balance.


In conclusion, understanding the microphone locations on your iPhone SE is key. They are essential for optimizing your audio. You might be making calls, recording videos, or talking to Siri. We place the microphones. This placement ensures a smooth user experience. By following the tips and exploring the audio settings, you can make the most of your iPhone SE’s audio. Keep your device clean. Try different settings. Enjoy the crisp and clear sound on your iPhone SE.

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